What Other Anime Should Hollywood Adapt?

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Because the trailers for the live-action Ghost in The Shell looks good all the hype around Netflix’s Death Note adaptation, I am hoping to see a wave of big-budget live-action anime adaptations in Hollywood’s future. The few live action pieces I’ve seen from Japan have all been fairly low budget and intended only for who already had seen the anime version. Well done adaptations aimed at a broad audience would be something completely new and would break up the constant stream of American comic book movies. Here are three anime titles that would be well-suited for adaptation.



Danganronpa is a moderately popular science fiction/mystery video game series turned anime franchise. Most American science fiction is incredibly cynical and hopeless, populated by dystopias. The core message of Danganronpa is that strength comes from trusting and working together with other people instead of paranoia and worrying about yourself. Given the current American cultural/political climate, this adaptation would be very timely

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica

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As an anime and manga franchise PMMM was a big hit for awhile but, sadly, it seems to have faded from popularity recently. The anime had many artistically impressive sequences inspired by dark European fairy tale art and German expressionist horror. Translating this to a live-action movie would be extremely interesting. With the right director and special effects, PMMM would be an amazing adaptation.

Is This A Zombie?

Is This A Zombie? is an obscure series about the misadventures of an undead teenager. It’s an off-the-wall horror comedy involving zombies, vampires, magical girls and alternate realities. Most American zombie movies are apocalyptic, and the majority of them are science fiction, not fantasy. An adaptation of something like Is This A Zombie? would be unique.

There are many more popular anime that might attract a bigger fanbase, but these three have the most potential for good, if not great, adaptations. Bringing something new or doing something interesting should motivate decisions about what kind of media should get film adaptations. These same principles should apply for adapting anime.

What are you thought? Comment below.


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