Warner Bros. to Develop Carl Sagan Biopic

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Astrophysicist Carl Sagan‘s story will be told by Warner Bros. who will be adapting his story for the screen.

Ann Druyan, Sagan’s widow, will serve as a producer for the film (titled Sagan) while Zach Dean (Deadfall) will pen the screenplay, according to Tracking-Board.

Sagan, the award-winning scientist and author, is best known for the 1980’s TV series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, introducing a generation to the wonders of space and exploration. He was a pioneering advocate for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence or SETI. He also wrote the novel Contact, which was adapted to a successful film by director Robert Zemeckis in 1997, not long after Sagan’s passing in 1996.

The film, which starred Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, was co-produced by Sagan, Druyan and Lynda Obst for Warner. Obst’s production company, Lynda Obst Productions, will oversee the project. Obst is no stranger to space and sci-fi, producing Christopher Nolan‘s box office powerhouse, Interstellar and the SyFy TV series Helix. Another producer joining the project is Courtnay Valenti, who’s coming off the success of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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I’m not surprised the film is being made given the success of biopics of other scientists like the late mathematician, John Nash, who was played by Russell Crowe in the Ron Howard 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind; and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who was played by Eddie Redmayne in James Marsh‘s 2014 film, The Theory of Everything. Crowe was nominated for his second Oscar while Redmayne won his first, both for best actor.



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