Post-apocalyptic fantasy comic, The Realm, debuts its introductory issue. Created by Jeremy Haun and Seth M. Peck, the series gets off to a very promising start. This is another Image title you should pay attention to.

Realm 1 cvr


The Realm introduces us to an interesting cast of characters, each one unique. From the ballsy bounty hunter to the soul stealing dark lord, this world immediately comes to life through the people in it. The quality of details in each line of dialogue allows us to firmly grasp an initial understanding of each character and the vast world around them.

Right out of the gate, this dark and mysterious landscape is somewhere readers will want to stay a while. With the focus on the cast, every peek at the environment they inhabit is a tantalizing tease. By the issue’s end, we barely scratch the surface of how this world works, but you can be damn sure we’ll be back next issue to find out.

Realm 1 hunter

Despite a dark and cloudy atmosphere, every panel is visually stunning. The gory violence of the action sequences makes you want to rip your shirt off and run through the woods. The Realm is a ruthless and peculiar world that grand and immediately established a vast landscape for readers to explore with these characters.

The aesthetic and attitude is reminiscent of The Walking Dead initially, but quickly leaves that feeling behind. Perfectly blending elements of both fantasy and a post-apocalyptic terrain, The Realm is uncharted territory with tasteful splashes of familiarity.

Realm 1 archer

Some genre mashing comic books stumble out of the gate, mostly due to the clashing ideas. In this case, the blending of style and variety of themes go hand-in-hand naturally. The balancing act is handled flawlessly, taking no time at all to hook readers in.

Hop onto this book now, we’re about to go on a treacherous journey through a world full of scoundrels, monsters, and sorcerers. It’s beautifully violent, brilliantly crafted, and could easily be one of the best new books of 2017.

Realm 1 poacher

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