Chasing Moonlight

On Friday, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Pop culture is a reflection of society, good or bad. Comedians will be the first with their satirical interpretation of our current state, just watch SNL. The next level of interpretations with art, music, and film will be the interesting ones to watch and look out for. How we rebel or conform in our art will define us in the centuries to come.

Chasing Moonlight just released ‘We Are Strong,’ their anthem to unite one another. The New York-based duo Zeke Hunter and Brett Steinberg had fans from all over the world submit videos and voice memos to sing with them on the last chorus. The track also features Wordspit The iLLest.

“The message is great and I think it’s really something people could use right now,” said Steinberg.

The band is also donating a percentage of the proceeds from ‘We Are Strong’ to UNICEF.

How do you think Donald Trump will change the art world? Comment below.

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