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Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed more about the upcoming interactive experience visitors will get when the visit Walt Disney World in Orlando and stop by Star Wars Land.

The 14-acre attraction, opening in 2019, will have park patrons immersed into different roles and what they do can affect their experience and “reputation” in the park.

Those who attended the panel at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando were treated to a behind the scenes video revealing the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and how different patrons will have different jobs “fulfilling” a role among the crew.

How the Falcon endures its journey can affect how your environment is shaped, like if it’s heavily damaged, someone will not be happy. In other words, what you do in one ride can affect your experience in the others.

The environment will be reflected on the current films with Disney cast in the roles of the First Order and the Resistance. One of the videos showed a female stunt performer in a scuffle with stormtroopers possibly as Rey with her staff on hand a la The Force Awakens.

Designer Doug Chiang said his inspiration for the layout was based on the original Star Wars concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie, as well as locations in Istanbul and Morocco.

Not only will you be onboard the Falcon, but you’ll also be walking by life-size AT-AT as aerial footage was shown being built. Disney also promises more life-like lightsabers.

Fans may not have to wait for Star Wars Land to open for their latest surprise with the films with the addition of the mineral planet of Crait, which was revealed as a featured location by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson earlier at Celebration. The planet will be included in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios area of the park.

SOURCEThe Hollywood Reporter
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