Review: ‘Transformers: Till All Are One’ #2: Rising Tensions

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PANIC ON THE STREETS OF CYBERTRON! As STARSCREAM’S secret police continue on their rampage, IRONHIDE is caught between the BADGLESS and a population looking for retribution!


Things are finally starting to escalate. It was a bit hard to tell in the first issue where the story would go, but the second issue really helps to reinforce what this series is going to be about. It really will be about life on Cybertron, and characters doing all they can to make sure peace prevails and avoids another civil war between Autobots and Decepticons. This is easier said than done.

In this issue, things escalate so fast that Cybertronians are rioting in the street and Ironhide is doing all he can just to make sure they don’t spill any blood (or in this case Energon). He calls for help, but those who are willing to step up might not have his best intentions in mind. This series is going to be filled with a lot of conspiracy theories, double dealing, and character reactionary drama. Writer Mairghread Scott has put together a very interesting story which is slowly starting to build and capture the reader’s attentions.

Transformers: Til All Are One


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The artwork for this book is very appropriate to the story which is being told. Instead of showcasing a lot of action scenes, a lot more detail is paid on the facial expressions of the characters to show how they react to situations which are presented to them. It’s perfect for this series, and Sara Pitre-Durocher’s work really helps to sell the emotional story and aids in driving it forward.


This second issue cements the set up for where this new series is going. It will be more character driven and focus on just the daily life on an alien planet. Given the moving and heartwarming – or even the bitter and sad – stories which have been told in Transformers comics over time, this new series could surprise many with the stories it will tell in the future. For now though, the storyline with Ironhide investigating a conspiracy is perfect and will have many waiting eagerly for the next issue.


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