REVIEW: ‘Transformers: Robots in Disguise’ #52: Optimus Calling

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Sadly, no, the featured image from an alternate cover for this issue is a lie. Optimus Prime doesn’t ride Sky Lynx into battle in a homage to ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction.’ Instead, Optimus has a bunch of meetings to discuss intergalactic protocol. Yay?

The issue is very character-based issue. This means lots of dialogue and not much action. Still in the All Hail Optimus storyline, Optimus Prime is dealing with his decision to save the Earth by making it part of Cybertron’s Council of Worlds. This time, he takes meetings with the leaders of different factions, and none of the them are pleased with his decision. Starscream gives him a guilt trip, The Mistress of the Flame thinks Earth should belong to a Prime, and Soundwave agrees to work with him only because Optimus has dirt on him. It’s Transformers: West Wing.


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The art adds atmosphere to the issue. Ramondelli, employs his usual gritty art style which is great to look at and gives a feeling of dread throughout. The fight scene between Galvatron and Arcee in an active volcano is the highlight of the issue and wouldn’t have been as epic without Ramondelli’s art. Unfortunately, it’s one fight sandwiched between dialogue filled scenes.

Its an issue of politics and negotiations. Not as brutal as ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ but not nearly as good as ‘House of Cards.’ It’s somewhere in the middle which is the overall feel for the entire issue. In the middle with a few bright moments here and there. The story is building to something but for right now it could go either way.


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