REVIEW: ‘Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye’ #52: No room for mercy

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Megatron vs. Tarn.

The description is as blunt and to the point as the comic itself. Picking up right where the previous issue left off, new arrivals are helping to fight back the Decepticon Justice Division. It’s good to see the lost members of the crew coming back to help when the team has its back against the wall. We also see something which comes around once in a blue moon: Rodimus having to gravel and admit he was wrong. Considering how often he is, you’d think he’d be used to it by now.

The main bulk of the issue though is the showdown between Megatron and Tarn. What happens when a man who has walked away from his past meets back up with the student who regarded him as a prophet? Simple, Tarn (the student) is angry and he will hear nothing of this new life path Megatron has chosen. Just as it looks like Megatron is going down for the count another face from his past shows up who also wants a piece of him. The issue is full of such high tension, intense dialogue, and brutal violence you can’t help but read it through several times.


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Milne’s art is as on point as it ever was. Some of the best panels include Tarn and Megatron’s talk amongst the field of spark flowers representing all the lives Megatron has taken over the years. Thanks to Joana LaFuente’s color work, the book is awash with colors which help to accentuate the actions taking place.

The team has built up the action to a new height. Now all they need to do is bring it home and let the real battle between the Lost Light Crew and the Decepticon Justice Division begin. Luckily, the action and art is so spot on the team won’t have to worry about losing any readers anytime soon. Unless of course the next issue is a bloodbath, but even then what a memorial issue it would be.


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