Review: ‘Brutal Nature’ #3: Battle Erupts

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ICH’s people are under attack! The Spaniards continue to raze villages in an attempt to draw out the shapeshifting warrior. Now, ICH intends to give them what they want… he’s going to bring the fight to them!


With his soul searching complete, Ich decides to go on the offensive. Though he was conflicted about how to use his powers and what they would make him, he realizes he has no choice but to fight back. Unfortunately, this means he has to become just as violent and barbaric as the Spaniards.

Using these methods is starting to weigh on Ich, but he has no choice but to move forward if he wishes to stop innocent people from getting hurt. Luciano Saracino has really crafted a great character whose powers can be used to save others, but can also take his soul if used improperly.



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The artwork remains fantastic. Ariel Olivetti’s work is as dynamic and on point as it was in the first issue. This time he takes the time to give Ich some new forms to change into after putting on the different masks. The first is a monstrous scorpion which looks like it was ripped out of someone’s nightmares. The second looks like a shrunken version of a Rancor. Both of these transformations are used to tear apart his enemies and seek the proper revenge.


The series has been at an intense level of quality so far. Both of these creators just have to stick the landing and give the people a satisfying ending to truly make this series a masterpiece. Will Ich be able to stop the Spaniards without giving in and losing himself in the process? Or is he destined to become a beast who only craves blood?

Once this series is complete and these issues are bound together into a graphic novel it will make this series a perfect gift for fans of historical fiction and hyper violence. One you can safely give to fans of independent comics who want something a bit less mainstream and a bit more adult in their stories.


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