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Hayley Atwell Talks ‘Agent Carter,’ ‘Conviction’ And Captain America

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Hayley Atwell was at MegaCon in Orlando and held a Q&A, and talked about the canceled Agent Carter, its chances to be on another network, her new ABC show Conviction, and latest revelations concerning Captain America.

Atwell began talking about working on Season 2 of Agent Carter and the fan campaign to resume the show on another network or Netflix.

“There was talk of season 3 going further back in her past, [maybe] a possible twist I suppose into the family. They suggested more like it would have to do with more my brother.”

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Atwell also talked about her new show, Conviction.

“[The show] starts in September. It’s tells about the story of this brilliant lawyer, who’s the daughter of a former U.S. president. She’s blackmailed by the family lawyer to start this integrity unit, and she tries to hash out these cases to see if anyone’s been wrongly imprisoned. She doesn’t really want to do it. She’s a complete hot mess…she’s complex, and she’s vulnerable. She’s someone very different than Peggy.”

She talked about the meaning of Peggy Carter and her role as a feminist, emphasizing that feminism is about equality among the sexes, not superiority.

“What I liked about the conversation [with Joss Whedon] is that it’s actually genderless. I’ve not been brought up to believe in any way inferior or superior to men or women. So in terms of the feminist conversation, which can sometimes be on the nose and misrepresented, the conversations we were having on the show were like, ‘She’s a strong woman.’ Well, yeah most women are strong. We’re going to make a show about this fantastic being. ”

She talked about how she got the role of Peggy Carter for Captain America: The First Avenger as a staple in Cap’s world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I’m a classically-trained actress from London. Like many of these things, you get a call saying they want to audition for this film. I went to LA and met the casting director. I had an initial meeting with Director Joe Johnston of the first Captain America film. I did a screen test. I had to do fighting and stunts. I did the emotional scene which was the last scene when she’s on the phone with him when his plane is going down. I had to audition that speech…I’m also not a comic book person. This to me, was another job. It is what it is. It was beyond my comprehension to the world’s stage. I loved it.”

Atwell touched on her experience on Lip-Sync Battle against Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star, Clark Gregg.

She offered a few stories on the set of Agent Carter including if she took anything from the set.

When asked about her thoughts of the comic storyline where Cap is revealed to be a HYDRA agent all along, she provided her own thoughts after being caught off-guard.

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