While attending the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 red carpet premiere, The Avengers director Joss Whedon briefly discussed his upcoming DC Comics project with Variety. Whedon officially confirmed that he will direct the standalone Batgirl movie, and talked about the casting process.

Unsurprisingly the director revealed that he isn’t expecting his Batgirl to be portrayed by a major star, not because he doesn’t want a movie star in the role but because he’s committed to finding the perfect actor to play the character, no matter how famous they already are.

Watch the video below!

It certainly sounds like Joss Whedon has already started on the project and is preparing to find the perfect Batgirl. While I’m sure a lot of people are upset that their fan-casting probably won’t happen, it’s exciting to hear that Whedon is looking for the perfect actor, instead of just settling with the most famous option.

The Batgirl movie is still in the construction stages and we likely won’t hear about any casting developments for quite a while. For now, it’s extremely exciting just to know that Whedon is 100% directing the project and ensuring that he brings the perfect performance to the big screen.

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