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Most Floridians are looking for something positive to focus on after the events surrounding Hurricane Irma. Let me bring the following Facebook post to your attention.

Omg! Just walked out the front door and found Spider-Man helping chainsaw down the huge tree covering our road!*Just…

Posted by Cheryl Hanbury on Monday, September 11, 2017

It seems that Floridians are getting help from their friendly neighborhood Spider-man. According to the Tampa Bay Times, our favorite web-slinger isn’t climbing walls but is scaling down trees with a chainsaw and assisting members of the community. Here’s a closer look at our hero in action.

Hurricane Irma

It’s heartwarming to see real life heroes emerging during this time of recovery. Seeing someone who is channeling their love of one of Marvel’s most characters to assist with the aftermath of a truly destructive event is wonderful. Who ever is behind that mask, we here at Monkeys Fighting Robots salute you.



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