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Choose Your Pain

Choose Your Pain – Star Trek: Discovery, Episode 5

With Choose Your Pain, viewers are now 1/3 through Star Trek: Discovery’s debut season. Beyond the very odd-looking Klingons and the proliferation of artificial...
Hamilton Comic Con

Celebrities and Cosplay: Thoughts on Hamilton Comic Con 2017

Back at the beginning of October, Hamilton-area pop-culture fans converged on the Canadian Warplane and Heritage Museum in Mount Hope to flip through back...

David Fincher Passed On Directing A ‘Star Wars’ Film, Here’s Why

As well renowned of a director he is, it's surprising that nothing ever came out about David Fincher possibly directing a Star Wars film....

Chelsea Handler Is Ending Her Talk Show

After two seasons Chelsea Handler will be ending her Netflix talk show.  She announced the news Wednesday (Oct. 18) on social media.  Her reasoning? ...
Sad Face eps3.1_undo.gz

Elliot Seeks to Fix his Mistakes in Mr. Robot eps3.1_undo.gz

Hello, friend.  This article is a review and recap of the Mr. Robot episode "eps3.1_undo.gz" and it contains spoilers, so if you have not...

Spoiler: ‘Arrow’ Name Droped ********** and ****** City In Latest Episode

***The following post and clip contains a spoiler for the latest episode of Arrow*** This week sees the second episode of the sixth season of...

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