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Captain Phasma is a Star Wars character that, so far, has very much gotten the Boba Fett treatment. She’s a visually grabbing villain that didn’t get enough screen time and met a pretty lame fate in The Force Awakens.

Journey To The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma is a fleshing out of the character. Picking up from the garbage shoot she was left in when we last saw her on screen, through the Starkiller Base assault, and beyond.

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Phasma quickly recovers from being disposed of and immediately gets back to work. With their massive base falling down around her, she pursues a First Order traitor who assisted in this Resistance assault.

The job comes first for Phasma, she is the ultimate FO trooper. This was not a Star Wars elaboration that feels unnecessary. As we get ready for The Last Jedi, books like this will bridge the gap perfectly and build major hype for the December release date.

I’m a sucker for any time a Stormtrooper uses anything from their utility pouches. Captain Phasma gets her hands dirty and even does her best Batman impression.

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Despite having limited dialogue in the movie, I hear her voice through every line I read. With Star Wars books specifically, this can sometimes backfire if what you’re reading doesn’t sound like the character we know intimately. That’s not the case here, this book only adds to the bad-ass lore of the good Captain.

Getting Phasma’s perspective on the biggest moments to The Force Awakens‘ finale was a nice touch. As her chase leads her off planet in pursuit of the traitor, we also get introduced to evil BB-8.

As pleasing as this Captain Phasma tale is, the art is kind of a mess at first. When Starkiller Base is falling apart, the action panels and pages are more overloaded than a Tatooine background in the Star Wars Special Editions.

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That being said, every shot of Phasma is glorious. Her reflective armor creatively plays a part in conveying emotion in a stone cold soldier wearing a full helmet.

The first installment of Captain Phasma’s solo journey is a quick read. Fast, fun, and straight to the point. This doesn’t feel like a pointless waste of time like some of the other Star Wars mini-series.

Here’s to Captain Phasma getting more screen time and leaving a bigger legacy behind than Boba Fett.


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