As Black Science approaches its finale, shit has really started to hit the fan. Grant McKay and his Dimensionauts are up against everything they left behind in the Onion.

Black science 32 cvr


Writer Rick Remender promised things would be ramping up in this final stretch of Black Science. So far, he and artist Matteo Scalera have delivered on that promise.

Grant has done a lot of horrible things to the people he loves over the course of his life. It’s all come crashing down on his head at once, forcing him to be the hero his kids thought he was.

This final chapter is about Grant finally keeping his promises to his loved ones. He’s got one last chance to be the hero he’s capable of being.

Introducing Grant’s brother this late into the series has really paid off so far. He’s another McKay that Grant has let down countless times, except he’s been getting it from Grant since they were kids.

A lot of familiar faces, like Chandra and Ward, have come back in one way or another. The cast coming full circle adds thick layers to the spectacle and awe of this final ten issues.

Kadir has a gigantic reveal at the end of this issue, one that will certainly catch readers off-guard. Kadir and Grant’s relationship is like an even more toxic version of Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom. Their rivalry has been one of the most interesting roller coaster rides of the series.

Stakes are as high as they could possibly be for Grant and his Dimensionauts. Every page sizzles and rattles with sci-fi action and development.

Each and every issue of Black Science features some of the best comic book art available today. Matteo Scalera is unstoppable on this title. The whole art team takes this book to new places with each arc, constantly raising the bar for sci-fi comics.

Black Science will become an essential collection for every comic book fan once it’s all said and done. Rick Remender is one of the top writing talents in the industry.

Embrace this book, celebrate this book, share this book. An industry inspired by what these creators are doing here is a healthy one. We could all use a little more Black Science in our lives one way or another.

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