It’s March 14th, and it’s also National Pi Day in the U.S., so let’s talk about beer and the only type of pie that matters…pizza pie. While, this article is obviously not mathematically focused in any way, shape, or form, there’s nothing like a good excuse to talk about pizza. Whether you’re a hardcore carnivore, a veggie lover, vegan, or just like cheese (because…hello…duh), there’s a pizza for you. Now, you’ve got a chance to step your game up with the perfect pairing of beer to go with. So grab a pint, and get ready to stuff your face, because National Pi Day just got a little more delicious…and drunk.




Mediocre small town celebrity, from the bowels of the SoCal desert, turned melodramatic, sassy, sarcastically vapid blogger and writer. My hobbies include having entire conversations in "The Office" and "Archer" GIF's; complaining about typical millennial problems on my blog; and not being sure where exactly I put my phone. Strong advocate for craft beer to be considered an art form, and good French wine at an affordable price. And carbs.

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