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気になります!(Kini narimasu) Or “I’m curious” will be a phrase driven into your head after watching this anime. See if your curiosity peaks while trying to solve these fun mysteries in the anime Hyouka.

So what is this anime about…

Oreki Houtarou has always been a part of the “go home early” club. With the motto “If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll do it quick.” Oreki has always been keen on saving energy and being as lazy as possible. That is until his sister asks him a favor to join the old Classic’s club that she used to be a part of. Without Oreki the club would be disbanded therefore making his presence necessary. Yet upon entering the club room his fateful encounter with Chitanda Eru occurs leaving his peaceful life in the dust.


From a personal perspective Hyouka was a delightful experience that differs from the many other school based anime. The combination of a traditional school setting a chance to delve into the mystery genre, Hyouka is a refreshing break from the cliché High School drama.

Main character Oreki while somewhat lethargic, plays the Sherlockian role in a convincing manner leaving myself enticed throughout the series. Other characters such as Chitanda or Satoshi act as magnificent supports to aid him in their exploits.

While the series did have the potential to become a longer series it was cut off at 22 episodes. With other series such as Detective Conan has overshadowing it I can understand to some extent. However, the series was exciting yet calm drawing me in from the very start. While I wish it had continued I am content re-watching the series an extra two or three times.


Hyouka tries to combine a high level of mystery and the traditional school setting. To some degree it is efficiently integrated, but at the same time the level of mystery felt advanced. As if leaving out details only those within the anime could procure, Hyouka almost misses a trick. If the mysteries were simplified so that viewers have more time and information to decode the mysteries the series might have been more appealing.

Even though the series wasn’t perfect it was entertaining. Sometimes that is enough for me, and being able to do that in 22 episodes is always an extraordinary feat. Thanks to this I was able to appreciate the series and do recommend it as a fun mystery title.


If there are any anime you would like reviewed please comment below and if I haven’t watched it I will be sure to!


A weeb in hiding by day, an avid Manchester United supporter by night. Living on both sides of the coin, David has graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree in Philosophy and Writing from Soka University of America. With a strong background in Japanese culture and being able to speak the language to boot, this man straddles the line between full-time nerd and sideline athlete. To him, as long as it is interesting he will watch it!

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