Charles Soule’s Daredevil run has consistently been one of the best books Marvel has to offer. In issue #26, we finally get back to our old friend Blindspot.

DD 26 cvr


After a lawyer heavy story arc, Daredevil picks up the threads from the earlier stages of this run. Horn-Head’s padawan sidekick has been absent ever since the gut wrenching finale to Muse’s arc. Daredevil receives a message from his pupil, seeking help in China.

Daredevil #26 is filled with perfect smaller moments, brilliant character interactions with both Matt Murdock and his alter ego. Blindspot’s sister, members of his law firm, Foggy, Chinese customs agents, etc. Charles Soule has such a firm grasp on the cast that even subtle five-panel scenes have “classic Daredevil” written all over them.

Lawyer DD 26

Much like the early stages of this run, combining Daredevil with elements of Chinese culture creates an extraordinarily pleasing aesthetic. He is a blind ninja after all! Blindspot was a major highlight of the previous arcs, to have him back in any capacity was a wise decision.

The twists and turns towards the end of the issue are top notch superhero comic book reading. “Land Of The Blind” gets off to a very promising start.

DD Hand 26

Once again The Hand find a way to exploit someone very close to Matt in order to destroy him. This is just the beginning, who is really pulling the strings this time? Did they give Blindspot his sight back in exchange for his service?

Marvel Legacy is supposed to be their comics returning to “classic” form. Soule and company should be unaffected in the new era as this run has felt classic every step of the way.

Ron Garney returns to the title in spectacular fashion. The last arc was a great story that severely lacked an artist capable of matching Soule’s script. Garney makes DD sing every issue he’s been on. He and Matt Milla have been a homerun art team, this issue feels like home again.

DD china landscape

Milla’s color gets your blood flowing once Murdock appears in that beautiful classic red costume. The shadow work in this issue is phenomenal, even without the black costume, the dark atmosphere is still a major visual factor.

DD 26 messages

Another fantastic installment in what has been a stellar Daredevil run. Soule keeps stating his case as one of the top talents at Marvel. This series is a true testament to that.

From top to bottom, there isn’t much more you could want from an issue of Daredevil.


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