Jean Grey continues her preparation for the Phoenix Force and tour of tutelage through various Marvel heroes. Dennis Hopeless and the art team have made Jean Grey one of the best titles to come out of ResurreXion.

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Jean visits Psylocke to learn about conjuring psionic weaponry. They take down a hive of Hand ninjas and Jean discovers the voice in her head is actually someone talking to her telepathically.

Dennis Hopeless’ voice for Ms. Grey is monumental. She was a character in need of a major change. He’s made her a modern teenage mutant bad ass trying to figure herself out. It’s the most energetic and compelling the character has ever been.

Jean meditate

There’s a lot of innocent lighthearted humor to Jean now that was never explored before. She’s corny and sarcastic, but eager to learn and conquer her future. For a teenager displaced from time, she sure speaks to the modern teen culture quite well.

I appreciated the trial and error for Jean in finding her way to activating her psi-weapons. My only concern with her learning this new ability is that it takes away from the true teenage psychic champion, Quentin Quire.

Jean mole men

Psylocke wasn’t the most interesting teacher, and with that this was the weakest issue so far. It’s by no means a chore to read, it just pales in comparison to the previous guests. Hopeless’ Betsy Braddock is as plain and boring as her current costume is.

While the other issues in the series felt like important chapters or lessons in the guidebook to conquering the Phoenix Force, this felt like a side note. It did however, introduce us to the mystery voice in Jean’s head. With that, the next arc has an interesting start.

Jean Hand

The art seems to make a jump in quality once were transported into the mole Men death cavern. Jean had some major duck face during her meditation session in the beginning. Overall it’s a colorful issue that’s not complicated in design and easy to digest.

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