Akira (Anime 101: 5 Classic Anime You Should Watch)

Get ready for another live-action adaptation of a classic anime!

The trend has been set by this year’s Ghost in the Shell, followed by Netflix’s Death Note – Warner Bros. has taken notice.

The studio has been trying to get a live-action Akira off the ground for awhile now. In 2015, George Miller turn down an opportunity to direct the picture, and now, Jordan Peele is on their radar.

Tracking-Board has revealed that Peele is Warner Bros.’ top prospect for the director’s chair on Akira.


Additionally, they mention that the script was written by Marco Ramirez, who penned Daredevil season one.

Peele is hot off the success of Get Out, which raked in the dough at the box office and was a critical success.

Would you get excited if Peele was directing Akira? Comment below, let us know!

As more news on this project is released, Monkeys Fighting Robots will have it covered.

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