Santa Fe Comic Con

UPDATE: Interview with the promoter of the Santa Fe Comic Con Jim Burleson

The Santa Fe Comic Con has angered cosplayers after the convention posted a private conversation on their Facebook wall.

Cosplay Santa Fe


The convention followed up the post with an explanation that they receive many requests from cosplayers for a fully paid ride to the Santa Fe Comic Con including traveling expenses, and they were trying to support the local community instead. But the convention dug themselves an even bigger hole with the comment ‘entitled “hot chicks in almost no clothes.”

The posting of a private conversation in a nonchalant manner by the Santa Fe Comic Con has started a debate among cosplayers and convention goers.

Cosplayer Destiny Nickelsen expressed her thoughts regarding the lack of professionalism in the Santa Fe Comic Con post. She said the cosplayer was just making an inquiry and claimed the social media poster begrudged this person for doing so.

“This is hands down the most unprofessional post I’ve seen from an event. Wanna support locals? Cool. But don’t put down people for asking for something that’s the norm at almost every other con,” said Nickelsen.

Another Facebook poster claimed the posting to be “out of touch” with the cosplay community. The page continued to argue that they are “defending the cosplayers who take the art seriously.”

Long time cosplayer Abby Dark-Star took to her page expressing disapproval as well. She mentioned the lack of business savvy regarding how they responded to the inquiry.

UPDATE: Every Response By The Santa Fe Comic Con from the above post.

Jim of Santa Fe/ABQ Comic Cons demonstrates PR Fail 101

(Photo credit: Ron Rogers of Central Florida Photo Trekkerz)

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  1. > 20,000 likes

    She’s talking as if she’s Nigri or something, I can see them flying out big names who will draw a lot of attention, but honestly, it’s not good business to fly out nobodies and pay $1,000 to put them up when it’s going to generate literally 0 additional revenue for your event.

    Harsh, but true. In the UK, people with 50,000 likes are still paying their own flights and accommodation to do events, just so they can get their name out there some more. This is nothing more than someone who loves herself just a little too much.

  2. This is a joke right? Asking for diva treatment, then getting told no. I dont care how many likes the cosplayer has, its just daft.

  3. Micah Slawson is taking most offense to that. And she has never been to a show in New Mexico.

    I agree 100% with the host. Cosplayers think they are entitled to everything. Keep them out of the cons!

  4. No lady. My friend down here in South Florida and one up in Oregon deserve that more than you do. You are the self-entitled cosplayer that my friend gets ticked off at.

  5. Everybody dresses up at convention so why would you pay for somebody who dresses up to show up at a convention ridiculous….. unless you’re Yaya Han. Otherwise forget it… Most of these idiots who dress up call themselves cosplayers even gone as far as even charging for photo ops and autographs like the damn celebrities and the comic book artists. The convention scene is getting out of control and you have to draw a line. And stop catering to these wannabe’s.

  6. The point is being lost here in the comments. Here is why Cosplayers are mad. Firstly the conversation posted should NOT have been posted. They are a con they are not mean to rant or rave about stuff. They should keep a level of professionalism at all times. Secondly they continued to act like they had a say in what makes a cosplayer when we as cosplayers don;t even have a say. Cosplay is cosplay no matter how little or how much skin is shown or if the costume is made or bought. Why? Because cosplay is meant for fun. Yes there are those of us who have it as a legit job but others just simply wish to enjoy themselves. Thirdly is that they continued to police and make derogatory remarks and lash out, missing the reason for why we where upset. They made another post and did not apologize. They continue to think they have a say in what makes cosplay cosplay.

    Yes I see why they did not wish to take on cosplayers and only wish to support local cosplayers. Yes they have a right to this. Yes even I see why they are upset about having to pay for a cosplayer as I too agree that asking for so much is too much. Seeing through their perspective I understand why they would be upset. But even then they should not have posted, thus alienating the community. They should have looked to see why we where really upset even among those others who took things too far. They lack tact, professionalism, and maturity. They complain about the cosplayers not seeing their point but they too refuse to see our point. Nothing should have been posted.

    • Geez coming from some cosplayer who wants hand outs I’m not surprise of your anger. But truth be told you guys are nobodies. Nobody going to the convention to see you guys. That the honest truth. So I see nothing wrong on what the convention did. I laughed just as hard on her reaction.

      • She didn’t say she was a professional cosplayer…. But actually, as someone who goes to several conventions every year, I know literally thousands of people that go to conventions to see events that are put on by professional cosplayers or to buy prints or cosplay from them. For example, my favorite groups in Oregon go to all the local conventions and staff them, run panels, help out with chores like set up and take down, run booths, take photos with fans, attend panels run by other people, help out with the dances and the cosplay contest, all while trying to sell prints and make a name for themselves. Many of them donate just as much to charity as conventions do, especially PSC. By the way, not all famous cosplayers are females. Ryan Wells, Cosplay Improv, Anime Hunters, Ninjas of the Night, and the Portland Superheroes Coalition, and Loz Link are just a few of our local ones that are really great and mostly male.

      • You lost the point once again. I’m not famous at all nor would I ever claim to be. I commented on the lack of tact the convention showed in posting a private conversation publicly. We as cosplayers are NOT entitled and I have not said that at all. In fact if you would reread calmly you would see I never once said anything nor alluded to that fact at all.

        I do not want handouts at all. I hate handouts. And I don’t know about you but I have been to enough cons to know that cosplay is just one of the many reasons for why people go to cons. We are not nobodies.

        SO how about you go back to my original comment calmly instead of with the anger I know you are harboring. I don’t know what made you so upset and quick to assuming something about my comment but I know it should not have cause you to be quick to attacking me so quickly.

    • You said you are cosplaying for fun, but you sound like you are taking it very seriously. You are not being persecuted, it is all for fun, lighten the $@&# up.

  7. Cosplayers getting should have to pay to be there! They’re promoting their brand in their line of business. It’s not Hollywood and they’re not film and television stars! They make their money on posters internet work, and their fanbase. Better if they don’t come at all.

  8. Mikayla, I appreciate you being the only person who can finish a sentence without insulting someone’s or being sexist.

    There’s no way the wording they used is what the cosplayer asked. Beyond that, venting your business on your business page is incredibly childish and petty. I suspect this is a small con run by inexperienced promoters that won’t last.

    • I’m glad some people got my point. I fully see and understand what the con was talking about but my main upset was the lack of tact and sadly (as Jom had so said in his interview) I too am upset with the negative comments bashing cosplays as well as the comments against Jim that took things the wrong way.

      • I agree with Charles. I’d praise you in your own thread (as you deserve praise), but I don’t want to get the stupid on me from all the folks who miss the point. Well, that’s not fair. Perhaps they didn’t read the full IMGUR captured story, like I did. The idiocy of the con representative becomes crystal clear then.

  9. The original comment doesn’t even address the name of gender of the original cosplayer. Attaching a picture of an unrelated woman to this article is rather dishonest and absolutely guides the way people discuss the situation.

  10. Nobody is mad he said no. They are mad that he shamed any woman in a revealing costume. He shamed any cosplayer that doesn’t make a costume by hand. That is wrong, and extremely unprofessional. He then deleted it to cover his tracks cause he knows he done bad. Pretending you did nothing wrong DOES NOT help you, it makes you look way worse. You should have just said sorry and left it at that.

  11. I agree with Mikayla but I also agree with everyone else here on other levels. It does not matter about the likes on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if your Youtube has so many subscribers or watches. If you are not a guest, voice actor, actor or high named in the industry, to ask to be supported and funded to go to a convention on the convention’s funds is ridiculous.

    What the con asked for in return is actually not a bad reply and allow them to make back some money this person would be requiring. And yes it could have been said many ways but it was still to the point. How this cosplayer replied, thinking she expected a handout, to get whatever she wanted (which sounds like what she is used to) to not work hard to get to where she wanted to be was presumptuous and a total lack of knowledge as how companies or businesses work whether small or large.

    How the con reacted may have been out of line with the family comment but that is she exact same reaction I had. Why the fuck would you ask for a free ride from any company? Why would you even comment how you don’t think you’d make money if you had to pay your way?

    That already states that you are not even high enough on the popularity or actor or even model scale to make enough money in the first place. It shows you either aren’t working hard enough in your area or you aren’t a great cosplayer as you say or you just want a handout which should never be expected. That’s just my 2 cents for the day.

    • That is the point I tried to make. (Although over time I have realized I too made the wrong assumptions based off the comments until listening to the review and actually hearing their side.)

      Everything else you said is also very valid points I wish I had alluded to before but like so many others I took to mob mentality.

  12. Somebody needs to get over herself. He told offered to give her a table if she was able to bring business to the site. She just wants something for nothing.

  13. I think the pc police needs to quit or learn how to read and understand ps this is america i dont have to like what you say but it is your right and i have a problem with cosplayers when cons like wizard world uses up their press passes for cos players

  14. Went through the pictures. I saw no slut shamming. Only people cherry picking what they wanted to see from his posts.

  15. I think it’s besides the point whether the cosplayer asked or not. The answer could’ve been ‘no’ and that’s that (imo she’s not self-entitled to just ask. If you never ask for anything, you’ll never get anything, right?)

    As I read the original posts at (Charles, I borrowed your link), I think SFCC should have been more professional about it. I run most of the facebook page of an amateur theatre company I’m in and there’s no WAY I would reply to questions of any kind in that manner. Don’t reply or post with ‘I’, but use ‘we’ instead and don’t make things personal. If people start calling you out, apoligize sincerely and be done with it.

    At some point I stopped reading, because things were being blown out of proportion (no puns intended to any other proportions that have been mentioned) and SFCC kept making things worse by what I already mentioned in the above.

  16. Just checked with him; the one posting all that crap is indeed the con head, Jim. Apparently he doesn’t understand what “professional” means.

  17. The reality here is the convention organizers community has gotten sick of this diva cosplayer racket, and SFCC just happens to be one of the first events to publicly take a stand against this trend. Expect more events to ban the “cosplay guest” phenom, as they are NEVER worth their “social media reach.”

  18. This shit is bananas. And also the number one reason I loathe complainers that take themselves too seriously. Go ahead and dis the con, but know that cons are the ENTIRE reason you wear a flipping costume dummies. Making money off of a comic convention as a cosplayer takes away from the artists: the comic book creators.

  19. Regardless of your position you should always treat everyone with respect – especially if you are a promoter –
    There is no good way to place a value on the number of followers a female cosplayer may have – I have a very good friend with millions of followers but she knows that 95% of her followers are in other countries and there is no real way to monetize her following. For her it is actually detracting from her ability to reach the fans who could support her commercial efforts.

    I promote XCON in Myrtle Beach – our approach is different – we totally understand the expense of the cosplays, etc. We will provide booths but instead of travel expenses, etc. We put on a cosplay contest with a very large cash and prize pool. So if your cosplay is really great – come and win more than you were asking to be reimbursed for. This year it is over $10,000. It will be even more next year. We find some cosplayers do not want to enter citing it would be unfair to others – but in reality they do not want to lose to a lesser known cosplayer. I invite you all to come to Myrtle Beach and Enter – May 20-22, 2016 –

  20. Nobody is mad about rejecting the cosplayer wanting to be at guest. It is the owner’s CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR that is the problem. Know the difference, commenters.

    • We do know the difference. Most anyway. But thank you for reiterating. It is because of his conduct. He is contradicting himself after I read the whole list of posts this is all about. And he could have replied in a better way. But I have to agree, I would have been livid at someone asking for a free ride without some compensation for the con itself. Especially if they happen to mention that they wouldn’t make any money without them being fully funded at the con. That is what is upsetting but not everyone is professional especially some convention owners. I have been around long enough to see how a lot of cons become successful after being started by fans themselves and are not professionals themselves. It takes time and a lot of experience to know how to conduct your actions professionally. Its obviously a mistake on his side and how he conducted himself, but it was far worse on the cosplayer’s side expecting a handout.

  21. Search Kickstarter for Jim burleson’s body paint cosplay calendar project, dude is a pig. It also came out today that he offered to comp a table for an artist if he did sexy cat woman badge art, apparently he didn’t like the artist’s rendition as he stopped communicating with the artist. And the body paint artist stated she and the models were never paid.

  22. It’s funny that he’s talking about a brony cafe that never happened at any of his cons ever. He’s completely making up a group of people to blame for “starting” everything.

  23. Pffffft… Ha-ha! (Ala Nelson style)

    I’ve worked staff for conventions before. It’s one thing if you’re paying to have a guest of the convention show up, and even then, there’s a certain precedent to it depending on who it is, how in demand they are, or what schedule they have.

    Hence why major Sci-Fi film stars or voice actors might get full spread from the convention, (though admittedly, some do it simply because they like to.), and a popular webcomic artist might get some minor compensation.

    Outside of that? Crying because you’re a cosplay type and the Convention didn’t give you a free ride?

    And? What of it?
    Go talk to the people in Artist Alley or the Dealers Hall who worked their asses off, out of pocket, to haul their stuff to the convention. More so when that is their bread&butter livelihood.

    So you make good cosplay, what of it? This does not entitle you to a free convention run based solely off the majesty of your own self-importance in your mind.

    Maybe put together a good enough collection of material, and make your money back or break even because people purchased your crap…

    Ya know, like the rest of us do.

  24. Why do people keep pointing out that “cosplayers are entitled” like that means anything? Just because convention organizers don’t agree with the economy that’s arisen out of relative fame and use of “professional” cosplayers, doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing.

    Also, “entitled” cosplayers wasn’t even the “beef” with the posting that the SFCC organizer, Jim, made. He was grossly unprofessional in every word. There was no “brony” group, no agitators, no provocateurs, only people saying first that he shouldn’t have posted a summary of the conversation, second, that his response in the first conversation was unprofessional and he should have just exercised his business sense in turning someone away, and third, that in every word thereafter, was a total jerk. He derided women, artists, and made a clear statement on his opinion about the dollar value of artistry in support of his ticket sales. He wanted the “freebies” to show up and show out, which is fine and great. If he doesn’t make any money from those people and wants to professionally turn them away, also fine. But there are screenshots for what he said, and lying in order to cover your tracks is very aggravating.

    So that’s how this guy handles his “business”? He makes a bunch of disparaging remarks to women and professional artists and models, then deletes the post, and then posts an interview where he lies about stuff in order to seem more nuanced than what he gave us across about 30+ responses to the original post. OK.

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