Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Monkeys Fighting Robots! As the day turns into night and the beers start piling up, what’s there to do next? More beer, that’s a given, but how about a movie from a series that borders on being racist while simultaneously being so ridiculous it’s funny. The Leprechaun movies aren’t great, but in a drunken stupor, they may be the greatest movies ever made.

The Original Six Leprechaun Movies
Ranked & Paired With A Delicious Beer



Leprechaun In Space
Get your full-blown Irish on with this one! I’m all for low-budget, cheesy, b-movies, but Leprechaun In Space is not one of them. The fourth film in the franchise was nothing more than a shameless attempt at milking a franchise that, by this point, was bone dry. Not only does Warwick Davis look exhausted but his makeup looks ready to kill itself as they meander through a horrible script that’s coupled with robotic direction. Just plain awful, but so damn awful it might just be great after a few pints.

Beer Pairing
You need something strong here to get you through. At 13%, Barley Wine by Revolution Brewing Straight Jacket in Chicago, IL., will do the trick.



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