Teejay Zeigler

Mediocre small town celebrity, from the bowels of the SoCal desert, turned melodramatic, sassy, sarcastically vapid blogger and writer. My hobbies include having entire conversations in "The Office" and "Archer" GIF's; complaining about typical millennial problems on my blog; and not being sure where exactly I put my phone. Strong advocate for craft beer to be considered an art form, and good French wine at an affordable price. And carbs.

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DC: Metal

DC Comics Bringing More Face-Melting ‘Metal’ Mayhem In November And December

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s  Dark Nights: Metal was just released this week (check out our review!) and fans are rocking out and raising fists...
Wonder Woman

Box Office: Will ‘Wonder Woman’ Top ‘Batman v Superman’ Globally?

Wonder Woman might be on its way to becoming the most successful DC film ever, much less the DC Extended Universe as it's approaching...
Marvel's Inhumans Logo

Is IMAX Shortening Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Theatrical Run?

As early reviews pour in for Marvel's Inhumans, IMAX may be reconsidering its original theatrical run on September 1, according to Comic Book Movie. The...

Samuel L. Jackson To Star In ‘Shaft’ Sequel

A new Shaft movie is on it's way.  Samuel L. Jackson and Survivors Remorse star, Jessie T. Usher are set to star.  Rumors are...
The Punisher

‘The Defenders’ Give Way To ‘The Punisher’ Teaser

'Marvel's Defenders' hit Netflix at 3:00 a.m. on the East Coast Friday morning and at the end of the series is a teaser for...

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