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Scott Snyder

Batman’s Scott Snyder Talks Nerd Rage And ‘Secret Empire’ Controversy

Monkeys Fighting Robots caught up with writer Scott Snyder at MegaCon in Orlando on Thursday to talk about "nerd rage," and specifically the controversy surrounding...
DC Rebirth

Our 10 Favorite Issues From ‘DC: Rebirth’

If you haven’t been able to tell, the comic review team at Monkeys Fighting Robots has been enjoying the results of DC Comic’s Rebirth...




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Star Wars Movie Poster

40 Years Of Star Wars: A New Hope – How Does It Hold Up?

It's hard to believe we've known the Force for 40 years. Yes, Star Wars: A New Hope is officially forty years old. Now the question...
Dead Men Tell No Tales

About Last Night Episode 13: ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Video Review

Monkeys Fighting Robots Exclusive Review: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' "About Last Night" is a movie review show, where movie critic EJ Moreno talks about the...
Wonder Woman

That All-Female Screening for ‘Wonder Woman’ Sure Hurt a Lot of Man Feelings

Last night, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced an all-female screening for Wonder Woman. It's a fun idea, especially since the ratio of male-centric...
Wind River

‘Wind River’ Trailer: Taylor Sheridan’s Directorial Debut Looks Excellent

In the past two years, two of the best crime dramas to come out of Hollywood were Sicario and Hell or High Water, both...
The Rock podcast

‘Baywatch’ Review: A Mixture Of Sun, Fun, And Laughs

Baywatch does enough to overcome its flaws to deliver an action-rich laugh filled experience. Summary The film starts off on the beach during tryouts for the new...

The Walking Dead