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Panel x Panel #1: A Revolution in Comics Journalism

What makes comics unique? That question has fueled Hass Otsmane-Elhaou for many years. If you haven't been following Hass's work over at Strip Panel...

‘Kick-Ass’ To Return As A Monthly On-Going By Both Mark Millar...

In a bit of surprising news, Mark Millar, in response to a fan's question on Twitter, has revealed the future of Kick-Ass. Check it out...




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Review: ‘Your Name’ Blends Great Characters With A Unique Story And Breathtaking Visuals

Your Name blends beautiful animation with a heartwarming story and fleshed out characters to deliver a solid overall film. Although more complex, the...
Pitch Perfect 3

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer – At Least They Know They’re Beating A Dead Horse

If the 'Step Up' franchise can squeeze out five films, it's a no-brainer that 'Pitch Perfect 3' comes out this holiday season. The first...
Spaceballs - Bill Pullman Rick Moranis

Bill Pullman Didn’t See ‘Star Wars’ Before Starring in ‘Spaceballs’

Bill Pullman spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about working with Mel Brooks on Spaceballs, his spoof on Star Wars 30 years later. Pullman played Lone...
Spaceballs - John Candy and Bill Pullman

‘Spaceballs’ May the Schwartz Be with You – 30 Years Later

While Star Wars is celebrating its 40th anniversary, the film that parodies the franchise as well as the science fiction genre, Spaceballs is approaching...
Jennifer Connelly Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jennifer Connelly and Gwyneth Paltrow Join ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a couple additional surprise additions when Sony released the final cast list a couple weeks in advance of the film’s release. The...

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